Six months, few things I like.

The day has come! I made a promise to write in English every now and then, so haters can hate. Hopefully there are more lovers. 🙂

Today is the day that exactly six months ago I jumped in an airplane heading towards new experiences to Poland. In these six months fit many unforgettable moments. However, I decided to celebrate my six months stay by telling things I like here, but also things which I miss in Finland. I would like to highlight that the following things are just my personal opinions and experiences, not absolute truths. Some things I am not able to decide whether I like them or not. Languages are good examples: Sometimes I get really frustrated when I am not able to deliver my message, but sometimes it is quite nice to be a foreigner. I admit that by taking a really small steps I have tried to learn something in Polish. Why small steps then. There are many reasons for that but let´s be honest; the biggest reason is that I am just so lazy. 😛 Anyhow, I ended up to the following list:

Friends and Family
This is maybe not so surprising that I want to list people first. Even though working abroad is an inspiring, eye-opening and great experience, it had made me realize how important close friends and the family are for me. Luckily there are some fabulous apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

Lilla House Studio Tańca and Lilla Jazz Masters
The dance school I have mentioned couple of times and the group I was accepted to join. I am really grateful for all experiences and opportunities I have got so far. It feels that I have learned a lot and refined myself in this field. I have even managed to do something I have never done before and showed myself that if I just let the thought ‘I cannot’ disappear, miracles can happen.


Photos: Harmony Art & Lilla House //

Salmiakki & Rye Bread
God I love these! The bests of the bests. You can just imagine how exited I was when I visited to my Finnish colleague about a month ago and she had salmiakki. The same colleague boosted my day actually today as well by texting me that she will bring me some rye bread. Nice!

Unlimited Alcohol selling hours
Not that I have needed this ‘service’ so often, heh. I just mean that if you want to have a spontaneous party which includes alcohol it is possible here. If you ever decide to visit Poland I recommend to taste Żubrówka with apple juice. Actually I got this tip from my study friend from Vaasa and found out this week that he had got this tip from my current Polish colleague. World is so small!

Well, nowadays in Finland has not either been so snowy winters, but anyway I really miss snow. It beats rain every day. My boyfriend promised to take me to snowboarding at Easter. I am really looking forward to it, though I think the last time I did it was if I remember correctly in 2011. So we’ll see how I am going to manage that. 😛

Pricing in long distance transportation and budget travelling
One good example is Polskibus which is a low-fare bus company like Onnibussi in Finland. If you are really lucky you can find a return trip to Berlin for 85PLN (about 20€). Train tickets aren’t either that expensive. In November I went to Krakow with couple of colleagues and stayed two nights. Fixed costs per person for this trip were approximately 170PLN which is around 40€. Yes, the price included train tickets and accommodation.

Finnish music
Now somebody thinks that well there is Youtube and Spotify. Yes, I am aware of that, but still at least in my life these two following moments cannot compete in a same category: You are home alone and you decide to listen some Finnish music. Yes, it is good then also, but the other situation which I prefer is that you are listening to a radio or you are at some club and then just from nowhere one of your favorite songs starts to play. It just feels like a gift. Ok, playlists (which I have not done by myself) are also pretty gladly surprising sometimes. I actually started to miss Finnish music quite lately when a dear friend of mine gave me few tips about new Finnish music. When I had listened to these songs like thousand times repeat I switched to some random Finnish rap music list. And BOOM suddenly I was in heaven. Here is one example which really cheered up my day (and the whole week since I repeated the list tills I got bored, heh).

Actually I am not able to give an answer whether I have become better to shop or do here really exist better shops, better clothes and better sales. I have even gone for shopping and seriously found EVERYTHING I was looking for. At least girls should understand that this is almost a mission impossible.

I have always recycled bottles and cans back home.

image1 (1)

Mostly when I write bottles I mean these 5L monsters. 😀

That is why sometimes here I feel super frustrated when I need to throw my bottles away. I have tried to return empty bottles to a store, but a cashier did not like my idea as much as I did.. Once when I was throwing away my bottles one lady asked me (or at least I think she asked me) if I could give one of my empty bottles to her. Of course I gave and she became happy. She actually inspired me for my present secret act; when I take out empty bottles, I leave some good ones next to bins if somebody or even the same lady needs them. I hope that those who take all rubbish further do not hate me that much.

Being out of my comfort zone
My experience is that when you are out of your comfort zone you meet really interesting people and also do things you maybe have not done at home. At least I have met people which I doubt that I have even communicate with if I have just stayed home in my comfort zone. That is one of the reasons why I like travelling a lot.

image3 (1).JPG

I took this photo before a dance show I went to see with few girls last weekend. Everybody was exited and a bit scared because we did not have the foggiest idea what was ahead of us.

Tap water
I have heard 50/50. One says that it is ok to drink tap water here, another says that it is not the best idea. There is a lot of calix in tab water here and I do not like a taste of it. These are the main reasons why I stick with bottled water. I drink every now and then tab water here and I am still alive so it cannot be that bad. Anyway I miss a fresh taste of Nordic tab water. Fresh water is actually one thing I think people do not respect enough. I did not either before.

Well well well, I was thinking to write six things and what happened.. The longest post so far. I hope somebody read this far without getting bored. Being abroad has taught me a lot so far and I think if you feel that you would like to try working abroad or why not just do a longer trip, you should. It really gives a new perspective for life. 🙂

Do zobaczenia!


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  1. Nice update Suvi. Your English is nearly as good as mine!! Sounds as if you are enjoying the experience. By the way my step-father was Polish, sadly he died a year ago. Anyway I look forward to more posts in English from you!!!

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