March – PL FI SE

Ok, you really mega superduper positively surprised me! And again I got one proof for ‘do not judge before you try’. I got lots of good feedback about writing in English so I decided to keep going.

It’s been a while since the last post. I have actually had really some things to do, heh. image1 (2)No but seriously, I have been sewing, for instance. Last Saturday I was performing with fabulous girls in the dance studio’s 10 years gala. Yes, I was stressed, but it went actually really nice and I had a fab Saturday overall. It is actually quite funny to dance with high heels. This time we had one choreography with and one without heels. I am so excited for coming shows! Oh yes, and I was sewing because I needed to fix some costumes before the show. All dancers know what I am talking about. My absolute favorite this time was this super cute lace!

One night I was so-called busy because I booked a Finland-Sweden Easter trip:

  • Bus from Lodz to Warsaw
  • Flight from Warsaw to Helsinki (via Copenhagen)
  • Late evening bus from Helsinki to Tampere
  • Bus from Tampere to Vaasa
  • Boat from Vaasa to Umeå
  • Flight from Umeå to Warsaw (via Stockholm and Oslo)
  • Bus from Warsaw to Lodz

If you are curious; totally it will be around 25h travelling. (I was so I needed to count!) I will be truly surprised if everything goes as planned. And yes, I would like to spend more time in beautiful Scandinavian capitals, but unfortunately this time I will just change flights. Most I am curious about the last flight which I needed to buy from some totally new webpage for me.. Thank god I used a credit card! 😀 I was actually considering to take a flight from Gdansk to Turku, but unfortunately I was booking too late and there were no free seats. It would have been a pleasure to try something new and not always the same Warsaw airport and also if I had been an early bird I could get tickets up to Umeå for 65€. From Poland to Sweden via Finland just 65€. That’s really nothing. But anyway, now I needed to pay a bit more since I was unable to buy tickets when I first checked and had to change flight plans. Damn! But still I am looking forward to my little ‘home trip’. 🙂

Now when I am going to my comfort zone, to the land where I should be able to communicate without any problem, heh. I would like to mention one thing which is really hard for me to apply. A habit which I did not know is existing here is so called ‘air kissing’ or ‘cheek kissing’. Sometimes I just really embarrass myself when I am so pure Finnish and forget this thing and get into a panic when somebody is ‘coming too close’, heh. Maybe someday I will learn how this mysterious act is done. Just to be clear; I have nothing against cheek kissing, I am just not that used to it. That’s all. 🙂

image1 (3).JPGAround a week ago it was the International Women’s Day so I could not help noticing that this is definitely a bigger day here that in Finland. Please, correct me if I am not right. But seriously, I think that I have never paid much attention to this day and 99% sure I have never before got flowers or other gifts, maximum a high five, heh. I even got scared when one random man approached me on the street with open arms chatting something in Polish. I just basically jumped into a flowerbed and almost shouted my inability to speak Polish. Yes, I understood later on at home that maybe he just wanted to wish me happy women’s day.. Good job Suvi. Anyhow, it was really heart-warming to notice when I was walking to a grocery store that there were a plenty of guys carrying flowers. I cannot give an answer if I just have been blind in Finland or what because when I scrolled Instagram I recognized that many my Finnish acquaintances had got flowers too. Anyway, I can have my own opinion and according to my very own experiences Poland won this round, sorry! 😛

Quite a short little story this time, but żółwik ziomuś mates! I gotta go and dance. 😉 Next time possibly more. I might feel creative during the 25h travelling. 😛



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  1. Nice update Suvi. I thought you would of been used to the hugs and cheek kissing from the last time visit to see us? Your English is good, puts my Finnish (or lack of it) to shame. Take care xx

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