Happiness, Relief, Pain and a dash of Dance

Around nine in the morning I went to pick up a paper from a printer and aauuttcchh! What the heck was that? Can it really hurt in my arms when I pick up a piece of paper? Like some of you know I am not a morning person so it took me like half an hour to understand why. I had a training yesterday and not just a basic training, we were training some cheerleader stunts and I was one of the lifters. Oh and also if you have not tried to do a cartwheel in ages it is not helping the situation. Anyway I love to challenge my body and try new things, but it is so horrible how weak my over body is, I really could use some time at a gym, but.. I was actually training a bit hand standing last year but it was not that funny alone so I sort of forgot it. It is not easy to find hand stand workshops. I noticed actually that one dance school I used to go is now arranging workshops in this field, so pity that I am in a wrong country. Maybe I should try to find a senior gymnastic group or something to avoid the gym, heh. Seriously, when it comes to sports I am like a child; I rather play than just exercise. Maybe that is why I love dancing, I don’t do it because of burning calories or getting fit. I do it because it is fun. 🙂

image4 (1)Walking is another thing I enjoy, especially when an area is new. One of my friend visited me last weekend and we broke my steps per day scores. Not that I am counting that often, but according to the fabulous Iphone health app which I just discovered during the last weekend I took 23408 steps on the shopping Saturday and 16274 steps on a ghetto Sunday. I had to look into my step scores when I now found this app and yes this Saturday is my best result so far. My absolutely favorite score was January the 24th: not more, not less, but all 12 steps, haha. I had correct, this was Sunday. 😉 Of course there is an error marginal since I am not carrying my phone 24/7 but it was funny to check the scores anyway. I remember when this health app came and not just one person was complaining about it. Well, I like it.

I was actually about to tell more about this ghetto day when I started to write. So here we go. What is this ghetto? Well, I am not a master to tell but extremely briefly around the WWII a huge amount of Jewish people were forced to this labor camp called Litzmannstadt ghetto and like you can imagine it is part of real horror stories. Here is more spec info if someone is interested.

I do not even remember how I found out that here is this kind of an area. I am sure not in history lessons and just to make it clear; not because of teachers, heh. But anyway I have tried to visit there many times during my stay here in Poland. I even once jumped into a bus thinking to go there but unfortunately I choose a wrong bus with a colleague and we decided to go for a coffee instead, hah. Last Sunday I finally made it and went to this ghetto. I was so surprised. The area is really huge. In my own head I thought that it is just couple of blocks ugly buildings and that’s it. Well, it is not. If I had googled a bit earlier we could have seen more. But this small trip was spontaneous so I just put to the Google maps Lodz Ghetto and we took a bus there.

We ended up to a small museum which told ghetto’s story. I got a bit same feeling than in Auschwitz while reading through the stories. It is hard to explain. The feeling is a mixture of relief, unreal, nausea and being terrified.


People were just squeezed into these kind of horrible carriages.

This time one letter wrote by a young boy touched me the most. While reading the letter it felt that I went back to 20th century and was watching the situation through his miserable eyes and knew that there is no hope, there is no way to survive.. Of course I can never totally understand the whole story and feeling but this was enough to make me sick and willing to give a hug to this small boy and give him another chance. People make the world so rude. After strolling through the small museum we found us in one of the Jewish Cemeteries. I do not have that much to write about it. I just find that it is always a bit mysterious atmosphere in graveyards. This one really showed also class differences. Some were buried in like small palaces and by some graves there were just an almost fell down stone. In a way it feels weird..

I felt also happy during the last weekend. It was nice to have the friend here and the image1 (4)weather was also more than nice. She had luck! Anyway we ended up in a really nice restaurant as well. We actually went there because the weather was so nice and in this restaurant is a possibility to eat on the roof. Perfect. I did not even check the menu before we entered. Why I wanted to mention this last is because I got so extremely surprised how good the food was and how weird the idea is. The restaurant is all about potatoes. Without the roof possibility I probably would never have stepped into this place. I am not the biggest fan of potatoes. Luckily I did! I cannot give 100% sure answer if I enjoyed the food so much because it was so delicious or because I was starving, sitting on the roof, sunny was shining and I was having a glass of wine and good company. Anyway I even said to my friend that ‘you know my life feels perfect right now’. The waitress even gave us candies with the bill. Seriously, can life even be better? 😀

Terrible places make me realize how we should enjoy life, even if it really gives us hard times sometimes. Like I wrote before, I think everybody should visit in some black tourism spot. It really opens minds.


P.S. The potato place is this!



  1. Wow, your step numbers are far better than mine! I average 11/12000 per day. I have a Fitbit tracker which I bought last year.

    Keep practising those hand stands!!


    1. Hah it was just a hc shopping day, you know. 😉 Yes, I’ll consider to continue practising in the summer. I promise! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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