Miracles can still happen?

First things first; I need to give one point to Poland. I moved to Sweden about two weeks ago and everything has gone just fine! But I got pretty (or actually extremely) amazed when I went to a bank to open a bank account. Yes, it went also ok, but I was not able to get a web bank, heh. Seriously! I could not get a web bank directly.

image4 (3).JPG

Goodbye half-sunny Warsaw.

‘’How I am able to pay bills then?’’ I asked. Well, do you remember the time when you went to a bank to pay bills? Luckily back then I was so young that my parents took care of those things. Really miss that time when I did not need to worry about money. Anyway to the point; yes, a lady said that I need to go to the bank to pay bills until I have fixed a Swedish ID-card. Very well, I will do that then. But why I got so surprised was because last fall when I did the same thing in Poland after opened an account a bank lady guided me hand-in-hand how I can use my web bank and even a mobile app and all I showed was my passport. So seriously Sweden? Now Poland earned a big gold point. When it comes to Finland, I have actually no idea how it works there. The reason is quite obvious. Actually when I turned 18 I received two letters from two different banks that wished the best luck to the adult years and also informed me that I have accounts in their banks. (And I already had one account in the third bank.) For a supershort moment I thought that I was rich, haha. Back to earth Suvi.

image2 (5).JPGApart from this small little inconvenience I have actually enjoyed my decision to move back to Sweden. This is going to sound sad, but anyway we are currently living in a basement and actually I like it! Near to a laundry room and it seems that the apartment gets never superwarm, so nice! I think that our apartment would be illegal in Finland since the windows are not that huge but well, heja Sverige! My formal workmate said to me when I told that I would like to find a job in a hospitality branch that ‘’trust in yourself! Sometimes it can take a bit longer, but you can do it’’. Well, apparently miracles can still happen since I actually found a job in the wanted branch. The branch I have studied three years in University. The branch I have dreamed about. The branch I really think can be my thing. The branch.. Ok, enough. So I am extremely happy for this opportunity. Heja heja Sverige!

The saddest thing when leaving Poland was to leave the amazing dance group I joined last autumn. It was hard to stop crying after I received a goodbye-gift. (And still I am sad when I think about it.) But something cool happened here as well which cheered me up a bit. It was maybe two weeks before I moved up here I found a Facebook group about dance stuff in here. No doubt I clicked join and scrolled what is going on up north. I found an audition to a spex. What is that? Well, shortly it is a show made by university students with some specialties. Anyway, I decided to write to a person in charge if it is really really needed to be a student since I am 110% interested in! It turned out that it is actually ok for them that I am not studying, great! So I participated the audition. I am that kind of a person who gets really nervous in this kind of stressful situations, so I thought that I totally screwed up afterwards when I walked home. Thank god it was Brännbollsyran-weekend which kept me busy the rest of the weekend and I (almost) managed not to stress over the audition. On the following Monday I went to my boyfriend’s (read our) car where I had left my telephone while visiting a friend and



‘’Well call back’’
and so did I and got truly madly deeply happy; I AM IN! So the next fall will be full of dancing! ❤

image5 (2).JPG

Final match @Brännbollsyran 2016

I mentioned Brännbollsyran. Say whaaaat? Yes, I thought so as well when I heard it the first time. Brännboll is a game. It is like baseball but not even close, heh. It is also like pesäpallo which we play in Finland, but then again not even close. Anyway the most important thing is that is it played in teams. One team hits and runs and another catches and burns, got it? 😀 I am the worst to explain so maybe it is better to google if you are really interested in rules and so on. So moving on; Brännbollsyran on the other hand is the biggest Brännboll cup. I think this year there were more than 300 teams which were competing of the golden glory. image3 (3)And there is of course a party (which I was more interested in). I was so interested in the festival that I volunteered myself to build the festival area. I really recommend people to volunteer to different things. It is not maybe the best way to earn money, but it is definitely a good way to gather some unforgettable memories. And also if you are poor like me so it is an easy way to get free tickets. After spending a while in Poland I was not mentally ready to pay more than 1000 SEK for a festival ticket. So I worked! And I seriously doubt that there are many of you who has built a circus tent. 😉 Like I said, experiences guys! And this time muscles as well.

Så kort och gott. Sverige har bjudit på det bästa hittills! Let’s hope that it does not take one month to receive an ID-card like they told me in the bank.

Önskar allihopa en fortsatt fin och solig vecka! 🙂




  1. Nice to hear you have settled into life in Sweden so well Suvi and have already found a job. I’m sure once you have completed your probationary period with your Bank and have your ID card you will be able to upgrade to an internet banking account.
    So, the dancing is still going well – well done on a successful audition! It’s good to read your regular updates in English and how you are finding your way through the maze of life! Hope to see you next month maybe. Take care!


    1. Thanks! It is quite good training to write in English! 😊 And also it is nice to know that more people can understand. 😊😊 Hopefully I can make it to the party!

      Liked by 1 person

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