TOUGHEST or the weakest?

Whoops, the summer 2016, where are you? Oh well, it is past already. This summer went so fast! The biggest reason was maybe that I have been working, well let’s say a lot. First time in my life I have been working nights actually, not only, but mostly. That’s not bad, actually I liked it. I am just too lazy, so when I worked many nights in a row, my life was basically job, sleep, Netflix repeat. Ok, I tried to break this Holy Trinity by running or sun bathing sometimes, heh. What social life?

Speaking of running; there was a reason why I tried to run the whole summer, more or 20160917_141205000_iosless. Honestly running is maybe the worst thing in the world, just my personal opinion. Of course, the feeling afterwards is incredible, I guess that is why people bother to run. At least that is my excuse, or one of those. During the summer I had an actual goal why I wanted to keep going. At the end of this summer, a week ago, I participated an obstacle run called TOUGHEST. Well, after that I felt more like the weakest, but the most important thing is that I DID IT!

It was a funny coincidence. I have dreamed quite a long time to take part of such an event and once in June I went out for a dinner with my amazing colleagues and they told me that we will have a team at this event. No doubt I wanted to join. One funny detail about this conversation was also that I thought maybe one week that the event is called Toughfest of Toughrun. Well, it is not that easy to understand the difference when you hear people talking about ‘’Taffest’’, got it? This Toughrun part, just thanks to my ver own imagination and super memory. 😀

So TOUGHEST was like you can imagine so freaking TOUGH. Around 8 km long forest run which was basically in my case bathing in mud, rolling under nets, climbing over/under different obstacles and playing a monkey. Was it fun? Hell yeah! About 80% of obstacles I passed and I am so proud of myself. Totally I think it was about 35 obstacles. In three I got some help, thanks for that to the amazing co-survivors. Yes, randoms. People get so helpful when they are basically fighting for their lives, heh. Anyway, if I ever meet a guy who won the whole TOUGHEST, beers will be in my treat. He made it through in about 40 minutes and yes he needed to pass all of the obstacles, since he was competing in elite-level. That is really amazing. I have a long way to this level since my time was like two hours, hah. My bad time was a bit own choice as well, in amateur-level if you know that you won’t pass some obstacle you can basically run a penalty round. Well, I bet highly for myself and at least tried every obstacle. If I had just chosen directly penalty rounds I would have guaranteed saved a lot of time. But when you know that you have a zero possibility to win, why not try them all and have fun.

Once during the run I got really frustrated because I failed in one specific obstacle. Two days before the event I went together with my colleague to get a sneak-peek and tried some of obstacles. One obstacle with hanging rings was already built and we tried it and it felt like piece of cake. Anyway in during the real race I failed it, not in the beginning, not after five, but I missed the last one, THE LAST ONE! The level of frustration was indescribable. Seriously, I almost fell into tears, heh. Overreacting? Noooot. I have quite weak over body so after one try I choose a penalty round and I was so disappointed.


A failure in the absolute last obstacle was also really hard for me to accept. That is why I tried it numerous times. If I had failed it too I am sure that I would have cried. But I was so lucky. When I decided that now I will do the last try, I screamed ‘’HELP ME’’ to a guy who was standing on top of the obstacle and he took the bait! He helped me up and I got so extremely glad! Why I wanted to pass this was because this was also one of the obstacles I had tried and passed two days earlier. One of my failures got captured like you can see above. 😛

Speaking of TOUGHEST I need to add that I think that the event has an incredible team. All of them which I met were so helpful and cheerful both during the big day but also when we went for a sneak-peek. We were a bit afraid that they will be mad when they will meet us wandering in the race area in advance but their attitude towards us was absolutely the opposite. And I can tell my time would have maybe reached three hours if I had not tried some obstacles in advance!

A day after the race it felt like somebody has driven over me with a truck. I think that I had non muscle in my body that did not hurt. The maximum pain was when I needed to go up or down stairs. It was not just one human being who asked how badly I am injured. Now a week after my body is finally getting back to normal. Anyway, every single second in a pain was worth it because it was such an experience! If it will be a next time, I know for sure that I will train more my over body. 😀

Well, that was the highlight of my summer 2016. I am more excited about the fall 2016. Training for the musical (spex) started on last Monday! It is going to be so fun! And maybe some of you remember; I made a New Year promise to myself that this year I will travel out of Europe. Well, I will almost meet this promise. Almost because yes I have booked a flight, but the flight is in January 2017. Better late than never! And yest I said A flight.

Curious what is happening next or in January? I am super exited! 😉




  1. Well done Suva, a great effort! It’s good to challenge yourself at times. Where are you going in January – anywhere nice? Take care xxxx


    1. Thanks! I will go backpacking to Asia with my friends! Starting from Shanghai in January. So exited!😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds good. Let me know how you get on!

        Liked by 1 person

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