This is the first post about our adventure around Asia. When I write we, I mean our small travel pack consisting of me, my boyfriend and a dear friend couple. No more no less, let’s start!

“Everything has gone a bit too smoothly.”

I said in Moscow. Well, should not have said that; after that we sat an hour in a still standing airplane. Then we got to know that the aircraft we sat in was broken. Nice start for my first long distance flight. I was a bit nervous, but three hours later than planned we managed to change a continent and landed in China – in one piece.

We needed to apply a Chinese visa before our trip. When applying a tourist visa, you need to be able to show where you are going to stay in China as well as tickets to and from China. So it was quite thick bunch of paper to mail along with our passports. It took about two weeks to get a postal visa. I made a stupid mistake and did not check how much the whole service costs, just a visa fee. So when I received an invoice which was three times more than expected I almost fainted, hah. But still, China is worth to see.

The Bund, Shanghai

“You will recognize that they have censured a lot in China.”

Hmm, wifi does not work, or? Yes, it works, but it’s so slow. Is it working? Oh I got an e-mail. No, it is not working, I cannot google. Yes, I can read news. But, I cannot locate me. I cannot open Facebook. I cannot post in Instagram. My snaps are not going through. Mobile bank does not work. I cannot open Youtube. No netflix. Haha, what is happening? “Yes, you cannot use those apps in China, basically what we can use is WhatsApp. It is not possible to google here, you need to use Bing. Oh and the last thing, Internet sucks in China, it is so slow.” Aaight. Let the adventure begin! 😅

Our “home” in Shanghai rented via Airbnb. 🏡

It has been an experience to see how a totally different kind of a land works. In Shanghai it was quite easy to find places since there are lots of signs in English. Anyway, the major of the locals do not understand a word in English. For example if you have an address written in our alphabeticals there is not a big chance that a taxi driver can read it. Luckily we had a really nice host who wrote us in Chinese the main locations we wanted to find. On our last evening we met a nice restaurant owner who even “translated” our names in Chinese. And the funniest thing is that we got choose which kind of characters our names represent. So basically I got to choose whether I like to present the bold or the beautiful. Haha, and I thought that Finnish and Polish are hard languages. I bet that they are not even close to this beautiful mess of symbols.

Jä, Suvi. Looks cool! In China it is common to say first tone of your lastname and then your first name. If I remember correct I am the happy one. 😊

In China it felt quite safe and laid-back even though Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world. People are so helpful, sometimes even if the only common language is a body language. We went to see Zhujiajiao which is an old water town nearby. One girl which recognized in a bus that we do not understand a single word Chinese walked with us almost to the entrance just that we won’t get lost. Then she returned to the bus station and took another bus further. Respect! Almost a similar thing happened when we searched Cheng Huang Miao. Another frienly girl walked us the whole way when we had gone totally wrong in the first place. Some pictures below to proof that we really reached both locations, heh.

Cheng Huang Miao, Shanghai

Water Town Zhujiajiao

Okay, the burning question; did I eat some weird food? Actually once I didn’t (and still don’t) have the foggiest idea what meat I ate or if it was meat. Once I needed to pee so badly that we chose the closest restaurant and picked up fast portions just by seeing pictures. Pieces in my food which I think were meat felt so weird in my mouth that yeah it could be whatever you can imagine. And actually I am happier when I do not know what I ate. The portion was so spicy that I was able to eat maybe 1% of it. In the most of the restaurants even smaller ones they have a menu in English so this was the only time we needed to feel yolo with the food in this way. Otherwise the whole first week was a bit yolo since like you maybe could guess every meal was eaten with Chinese chopsticks. It was not enough to laugh to us, some locals took even videos. Or actually we were filmed couple of times and we even did not eat everytime, hehe. Such stars.

After one week we jumped into a train heading towards Hong Kong. Just 19h on a hard sleeper place you know, haha. Just imagine that comfort, CHECK!

P.S. This is the first post I made with my phone. Hopefully it is not messed up. 😛


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  1. A new exciting adventure Suvi! Some nice pictures and your English is definitely improving. It’s looks like you will gather many experiences from the trip taking in all the sights, sounds and tastes there are to offer.
    Have a great time and I look further to hearing more about your adventures in Asia. Shame about the wifi!!

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