Hong Kong

We took a train to Hong Kong. Never assume anything I would say since we spent almost a day without food. We assumed that they will accept both currencies on board, but of course the accepted currency was not Hong Kong Dollar which we had with us.. Lucky start!  😉

“Thousand” stairs down from Big Buddha with our new friend. 😊

Wisdom’s path. Every wooden thing has a poem in it.

During the 19 hours train journey from Shanghai to Hong Kong we met a super sweet girl from Hong Kong. We had lots of time to share stories, heh. It was super to get hints from the local. She even wanted to spend a day with us and guide us around! Again, super kind! She took us to Lantau Island to see Big Buddha and experience the old fishing village Tai O. I have never been a huge fan of Chinese food but in Tai O we tasted a Chinese old-school fish pancake which was sooo delicious! Our new friend told us that there is no place in Hong Kong that serves these pancakes since just old people do that. Damn! So typical when you find something you like it is impossible to get it. Luckily I found another favvo down town, bubble waffles!

It is huge! I was a bit surprised that the statue is just from 1993. I thought it was older. 😛

Old-school pancake on its way! 😛

Tai O was so cute. Unfortunately we had just one hour to stroll around. 😊

Bubble waffle! 😍

About food, have you heard about Chinese hot pot? Thank god we had the local friend with us. It would have been such a messy dinner otherwise, heh. Or actually I think that we would not dare to try it all by ourselves. Anyway the idea is funny, you have a hot pot on a table and basically cook your meal by yourself. You have two hours and you can pick up the ingredients also by yourself. So we got to try maaaaany different fishballs, meatballs, vegetables, noodles, sausages.. A lot of stuff! It was definately a challenge to walk home after this meal, heh.

Some side street at Mongkok. Not just one light sign. Unfortunately I did not have any pictures from some main street. They were like sign forests, heh. 😛

Again we were staying at the rented apartment, via Airbnb. This time went also smoothly. Unfortunately we did not have as much place as in Shanghai so we did not (or almost could not) eat ”home”. Sounds nice, but at least I prefer to eat at least breakfast home. Luckily we were staying at the area called Mongkok, there are plenty of restaurants and shops. It is hard to describe the flow of this area. It was like a controlled chaos, heh. The funniest thing was that in Mongkok streets are split up into different areas; there are a shoe street, flower street, pet street etc. Smart! Oh and if it seems that there are no restaurants, just enter some weird staircase and you will find one. It was really common in this area that restaurants are not on street floors.

Nan Lian Garden

I liked Hong Kong a lot! It reminds me of my favourite serie Hawaii Five-0. I have never been in Honolulu, but as far as I could ”see” it reminds me of Honolulu where I want to visit so badly. So the first sight made me happy! And the city kept its charm the whole week! In my eyes Hong Kong is a trendy and modern business city where people are really friendly and helpful. It felt also that the nature is in a way close. If I go back someday I want to go hiking. This time we kept it easy and just visited Victoria Peak to get a bird perspective of the city. Breath-taking!

Victoria Peak. A little hint if you do not like standing in a line; a cab costs 50 HKD one way. We got 20 HKD “scammend” when we asked a fixed price and got to pay 70 HKD.

Hong Kong island from the other side. Beautiful walk by Victoria Harbor.

Slowly but surely Asia is affecting us. It starts to feel normal to eat with chopsticks. For instance with noodles it feels more obvious to choose chopsticks than to pick a fork and knife. Soon it is not just my height which fits in here, heh.

Just a cool metro station sign. 😛

About a week ago we crossed a boarder between Vietnam and Cambodia. This time border-crossing went fine for everyone of us. Last time it did not go that smoothly, heh. My posts are a bit behind mostly because of a not-so-great internet (partly because of me 😛), but soon some thoughts about Vietnam. 😊





  1. Some good photos and exciting tales about your travels Suvi. You have me intrigued- what exactly is a bubble waffle? Does it have a filling? One of the best things about travel is trying all the different local food experiences and you certainly seem to embracing that!

    Hawai Five O, the old TV from the 70’s? Great. Book him Danno!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, a bubble waffle is basically just a basic waffle which is made a bit more crispy and I think it has a bit coconut flavour. They had some special iron to make these. I ate just ones without filling but I think that some stands sold ones with like ice cream or something. 😊

      I was writing about the new production of Hawaii Five-0 started maybe around 2010 and still going. I have read that there is some version from the 70’s as well. I think that both shows are based on the same idea but I am not quite sure. I need to check the old version as well if it is easy to get. 😉

      Food experiences are great but they have their costs. I am just getting better after food poisoning. Now I am almost a whole again. I think that tomorrow I can start enjoying 100% again. 😛

      Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love visiting Hong Kong and have been there several times

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fell in love too! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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