Cambodia (Part II. Siem Reap)

Picture warning; this post is a picture overload, since I was not able to choose just few. I hope you like it!


Angkor Thom just behind the forest. 🙂

The trip from Sihanoukville to Siem Riep took hours and hours, but still the bus were ok to travel. Again, I do not understand why people complain so much about busses in Asia. The only unfortunate thing was that my stomach was still feeling a bit loco after several days food poisoning recovering period. So I got some minor cramps, heh. But we made it to Siem Reap and actually for the first time before the scheduled time. Usually timetables are you know more like directive that accurate.


Pub Street; We spent Valentine’s Day in Siem Reap.


At the roof of our apartment during the Angkor Wat Light Show, I guess. 🙂

We planned to stay in Siem Reap one week, but ended up staying two weeks instead. The apartment we had rent via Airbnb was working so nicely that we had the same during the whole stay. It was not the cheapest, but still quite good price since we were four paying. The apartment was really fresh and clean, so I was super happy with my asthma. We were planning to cook at the apartment since we had an ok-equipped kitchen, but the truth is that we ate at home once. It was really nice to have a home-dinner, but it felt a bit pointless, since it was basically cheaper to eat out. Of course if you buy huge amounts of food it will be cheaper, but we were not planning to stay that long, sooo.. And yeah, I admit, maybe we were a bit lazy to cook and curious to try something new.

20170215_154001013_iOSI fell totally in love with all street markets in Siem Reap, I think we walked through the Old Market at least five times, hah. It felt that we always found something new to see. After two weeks though I think we had seen every t-shirt print they can possibly sell in Cambodia. Siem Reap was the first place I ended up buying some clothes and stuff. Who can resist beautiful or funny pieces which costs like 2 dollars? My favvos are my blue elephant dress, blue elephant backpack and black elephant sarong. Guess what was the main theme for almost all stuff sold? Haha. About the blue elephant dress; I actually got 20170215_054302367_iOSreally sad, because stupid as I am, I washed it in a washing machine. Well, after that my maxi-dress was like annoying a bit above ankle long dress. Luckily I got to buy an exactly similar dress from my co-traveller who bought it but did not like it. So actually now I have two similar dresses in my closet, still wondering how I am going to tailor the too short one. Except that I washed it again and its tassels are just history now. Maybe I learned after two times that these clothes are not machine-washable..


These pictures are from Angkor Handicraft Association. There could be seen how statues were built from the scratch.



The biggest and best-known temple Angkor Wat (and my favvo elephant dress). 😀

Then there is this enormous, totally indescribable ancient temple village which is called Angkor Wat, like the most of you already knew. We spent two days exploring this amazing spot. We had three days tickets, but tickets are valid just within ten days including the day of purchase, so we missed the last day. Seriously, none of us four checked the expire date when we went to the entrance last time and of course we were one day too late. That was a bit pity, but two days was actually quite ok. Of course it would have been nice to use the last day as well, but shit happens.


Tuk-tuking around in temple village. 🙂

We explored Angkor Wat by driving around with a tuk-tuk twice. During the first day we discovered three biggest temples: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom. The second day tour consisted of five smaller temples. There are so many temples that you could spend a week there just exploring different temples, gorgeous details and nature take-over. But two days can also fulfil a curiosity, or at least I was pleased. Tuk-tuk was actually a quite nice way to explore Angkor Wat, at least for those who do not know much about the area, like us. Both days were also really hot, close to 40 degrees, that it was more than welcome to feel some wind when riding between temples.


Speaking of the nature take-over. Ta Phrom was the best place of our spots to discover it.


Ta Phrom


Ta Phrom; I almost managed to capture the whole tree.


Little-Suvi, Huge-tree. 🙂


Angkor Wat and people who ruined my picture. 😀


Angkor Wat








Some gorgeous details around the temples.


Angkor Wat


Angkor Thom, my personal favorite temple. 🙂



By the Angkor Thom gate.


Waterfalls at Phnom Kulen mountain and the elephant sarong. 🙂

Even if Angkor Wat is playing a big role in this post, we had time to do something else in Siem Reap as well. One day we visited at the Holy Mountain Phnom Kulen to see some waterfalls, holy water and one more temple. In the temple was one Buddha statue which is claimed to be just a stupid copy. After seeing ”the real original” in Bangkok, I see why people claims that this is just a copy. However, not my job to judge. I found both statues stunning.

We also visited to one rap-event one night. There were this one group which were dancing and singing and god how I started to miss dancing! 🙂


Holy Water at Phnom Kulen.


At the Phnom Kulen mountain were several these beautiful swings. I understood that local children had made these since they were collecting some money if you wanted to sit in one and take a picture. 🙂


Phnom Kulen mountain

One thing which boosted my time in Siem Reap was that I got to hear that that I was chosen to be a dance leader for the next spex (interactive student musical). When we were in Sihanoukville I heard that I was nominated to be one and got so honored. So I actually started to train a bit and made a choreography for the audition which is actually TODAY. Otherwise I need to admit that I did not train that much during the trip and I can tell you that I feel it now. Luckily I have the whole summer to catch up!

20170216_085832584_iOSHope that you enjoyed the picture-spam-post! 🙂




  1. Kasia · · Reply

    Great post, and I love the pictures 😊 Greetings from PL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kasia! Temples were amazing. 😊


  2. Great pics, Suvi! The scenery and temples are out of this world. Anymore travels planned?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they are amazing! Not that much ahead, just a small weekend trip to Wien at the end of May. 😊 Any good suggestions to see there?


  3. Despite all the years we’ve been visiting Austria, we have on visited Vienna only once on a day trip. I remember we passed close by the fair and walked along the river path. The coffee shops would be worth visiting for the obligatory coffee and cake! We are in Venice for a few days towards the end of May. Enjoy your visit!


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