Thailand (Part I. Bangkok, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta)

Earlier my picture of Thailand was that it is just an over-hyped land. Well, it is, but it is not that bad, so I understand the hype. It is a really beautiful land! We visited to several spots and I decided to spilt this post to place-sections since my thought were not exactly similar during the whole trip and I tried to squeeze in the whole Thailand experience in the same post, but it started to get so long. soooo, here is the first part about Bangkok and Ao Nang as well as  Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta! 🙂


It was not easy to pose on one foot when I was constantly sinking in sand. 😀 Fossile Shell Beach (Krabi)


Let’s start with our first stop, Bangkok. I don’t thing I will go there never again. This was just not a place for me. I did not like at all the wibe of this city. I had a feeling that everybody just wanted to fool me, even taxi drivers refused to start a taxi meter and tried to charge like triple price, as well as tuk-tuk drivers. Public transport routes were not serving our purposes and car-traffic was extremely slow. I was about to lose it and not just once! 😀 Of course there are good people as well and we met some as well, but still, this city was not for me. We stayed five nights here and it was too much. One night would have been enough.


Then there is Khaosan Road, better name would be Chaos Road, heh. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and hostels, but the thing is that it is impossible to socialize with people since every pub and club tries to beat neighbors music level, so it is loud as f*** there. This was actually nice place to see and worth to take a beer or two, but I am not the wildest party animal, so I did not stay the whole night. But like I said this was worth to experience while in Bangkok.

We recognized that in Bangkok if you are travelling as a pair, a huge amount of people thinks that you are on a honeymoon. One taxi driver (a nice one) told us that if you are spending honeymoon, you pay just for one person, like hotels, flights, everything. So apparently it is quite popular to spend a honeymoon in Bangkok. Would not be my first choice, even if I would spare money. No offence.


We did not plan to visit this floating market, but the others were closed so we ended up here. This is a bit outside of Bangkok, I think I never got the name of it.


Lebua State Tower (Bangkok)

I think I notices it first time when I was in Paris with Alex December 2014 that I am a bit afraid of heights. ”How could you do a bungee jump?” Well, that is definitely not even comparable! And the thing is that I love heights. Even if it is not that visible everytime when I am up somewhere and shaking, hah. But I do. What this has to do with Bangkok is that the highlight for me was to visit the Hangover place, Lebua State Tower. The restaurant up there is quite pricy, but it is actually possible to visit up there and just enjoy the view, and that was how we did it, heh. Maybe not the most popular thing to do, I don’t know, but our wallets were thankful. And yes, the view was nice.


Ao Nang

I had heard the name Krabi and had zero idea what is there and how it is like. I had two dear friends living there at the time we were in Thailand so that was our next stop. It showed that Krabi Town where I thought we were heading to was nothing, Ao Nang is the place to be, and there actually my friends were also living at the time, and so did we. It had been years since I met these dear friends so I enjoyed a lot to see them! Or actually ”a lot” is not a correct expression; I enjoyed indescribable much to meet them and a week just flew by!


Boat ride to Phra Nang Cave Beach (Ao Nang)


Phra Nang (Ao Nang)

Ao Nang was not that bad place either, a supercute coast village with nice beaches. It felt a bit like home, not just because I had some friends living there, but the fact is that it feels that 95% of people there are from Finland, heh. It felt that at least every other person you passed by at streets talked Finnish. It was a perfect stop for us, but I can imagine that it could get a bit annoying if this would have been just a two weeks holiday and I had been ended up to a Finland part 2. 😛




Thai-style grill

My friend fixed two apartments for us in the same house she was living. There were four apartments in this house, hers, ours and one where were living two nice girls from Denmark. There were also staying some other Finns at my friend’s apartment, so we were quite big group hanging at evenings, not bad.

A scooter is the key word in Ao Nang. We had rented ones as well. It is so much smoother and cheaper, I think, to just drive everywhere rather than trying to catch a tuk-tuk. It is also so nice that you do not need to know where you are heading to. You can just drive around and discover places. We started to think that maybe we should have rented scooters in Siem Reap (Cambodia) as well, but yeah, too late.


Some cool rock we saw on our way to Krabi Town.


Some huge crab which tried to hide from us by playing a stone, we got ya! 😀 Fossile Shell Beach (Krabi)

Phi Phi Islands

Photo 11-03-2017, 5.39.49I was at Phi Phi twice during the same day and we never stayed a night. Why I wanted to do an own short section is because I really beat myself there, heh. The last day with my friends we spent on a boat towards Phi Phi Islands. Others were diving, my plan was just to chill hard and sunbathe, but I ended up to try snorkeling. I tried earlier in Koh Rong (Cambodia) and run into panic, so my plan was to never try again, but luckily with some peer pressure I ended up into water and fell in love! It was just amazing to explore the colorful life under the surface. We saw even a huuuuge brown jellyfish! So cool! I even dare to try snorkeling without my life jacket for a short moment. Mostly the first snorkeling went by hanging from the leader or the life buoy and shaking both for fear and for excitement, haha, just honest.

Photo 11-03-2017, 4.28.24

There it is; Leonardo DiCaprio beach a.k.a. Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi).

Divers went to do another dive while we who were snorkeling got to explore a short moment Ton Sai village. I was so exhausted after my first snorkeling so I just joined the guide and chilled mostly in a café. The village seemed to be nice though, but I just could not explore. 😀 After couple of hours others landed to the island, it was time to say bye to my old friends and we hopped on another ferry towards Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta

It is funny that people are so different. I had heard just good things about Koh Lanta, but still it was not exactly the place for me. Nothing as horrible as Bangkok, but there was something which I did not like as much as the other islands we visited. My feelings were quite neutral, it was a nice place to see, I did not hate it, I did not fell in love. It worked for couple of nights, but I was not sad when we moved forward.

Photo 12-03-2017, 5.23.04

My number one helmet! 😛

Koh Lanta is a long island and ”everything” is on the west coast. So, again, a scooter was the key word. We rented couple again and cruised around the island. Road were not exactly a dream to drive on, but the views were stunning. We drove lost first when we tried to follow the west coast road, apparently it is easy even if you basically have just two options, hah. Anyway, like I wrote, views were just stunning, beaches were nice, if you like to party, there were possibilities, but still something was missing.. I don’t know what.. The atmosphere was just, I don’t know, weird. It felt a bit like, you know, try hard places. Ok the worst clarification ever, I don’t know, something there were just not fo me! 😀

Photo 12-03-2017, 6.08.26

We discovered a ”Good View” when we drove lost. (Koh Lanta)

My first though was to squeeze in the whole Thailand experience in the same post, but well I just spare two islands to the next post, those two were my favourites!

Photo 13-03-2017, 6.08.37

On our way towards a new island!

Curious which ones?

Next time!



  1. So if I ever visit Thailand I must give Bangkok a miss? Ao Nang and the Phi Phi islands sounded nice even if there were too many Finns when you visited! Some good photos, Suvi.


    1. Thank you uncle! Well, some like Bangkok a lot, but I would rather choose some other spot to be honest. 😛 Ao Nang was great! I was just so surprised that there were soo many Finns. 😊


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