I have still some stories left about our adventure in Asia, but let’s take a small tour to Europe first! Too many stories to share, too little time to write. But better late than never, they say. This post takes us to Austria’s idyllic capital Vienna.


So let’s entre to a fairytale!


Graben street

I started to plan this trip when I saw that Bruno Mars is going to do an Europe tour. Faster than light I typed to my dear friend who is a big fan of him. Unfortunately she was unable to join me. Some minutes lates I sent a message to my sister and YEES SHE WAS IN. We started to plan in which city we would like to see the show. There were not many options left since we decided not to see the show in Finland or Sweden. Since both need to travel anyway, so why not see the show somewhere in Europe. Since it is nice to experience new places there were not that many options left. We both have been in quite many places in Europe, so totally, I think, two lands ended up to our list. Ticket prices nailed the decision. So we bought flights to Vienna, Austria. I have actually wanted to visit there (also) for a while.


Solo-lunch at Naschmarkt, Rice and lasagna? That is what I was thinking when I saw this. Well, it was not lasagna, but it was delicious! I still don’t know what it was. 😀



It is funny that I mentioned that we started to plan this trip pretty early, I think in October 2016. Well, as usual, one night before, I haven’t even started packing. My flight was pretty early in the morning, so I think that I slept maybe four hours. The trip to Vienna went fine even though I was a bit stressed because of the short transit time in Stockholm and two separately bought tickets. Around two the same afternoon I hit the first hostel. I enjoyed Vienna two nights solo, since my sister had some school days left. I have travelled solo a lot, but I think I have never spent that long time alone abroad. I have always had plans to meet somebody. Loaded of excitement with a dash of wonder if I will enjoy spend time alone I started to explore the city.


Heldenplatz; those horse carriages might be a tourist trap, but I found them so cute!

After being in Asia three months before this trip I need to admit that I looked this European city with totally new eyes. Wow, Europe and especially this little part of Austria which I saw at that moment was really charming! I read some blog posts before I arrived and people had described Vienna as a fairytale and I couldn’t help to think exactly the same when I strolled around in sunny Vienna. A super positive surprise was that there happened to be a theatre/music festival which was mostly free of charge, so my Thursday seasoned with couple of shows. When I found an orchestra playing it the middle of some walking street I actually stayed and listened almost an hour! I was not even aware that I like orchestra-music that much, hah. After that I went to see some musical, not that I understood much of it, but they were singing beautifully. I read also that Vienna is the city of music and it definitely felt that way.


Orchestra which stole my heart!


Outside musical; they just sang so beautifully. I was almost in tears, but managed to hold myself, heh. 🙂

I have imagined Austrian people to be extremely nice and that is why I got a bit surprised that people weren’t actually that nice. It is possible that I had bad luck five days in a row. Because mostly people were not that nice and like we like to say in Nordics, service-minded. One waiter got angry to me when I tried to ask if there is carrot in hamburgers we ordered since I found some in mine and my sister is quite allergic. Another waitress got a bit tense when I tried to ask if we could split the bill equally instead, not like she had split it; for me one drink and for my sister two foods and one drink. Oh, and one waiter started to laugh to my sister when she asked if they have coca-cola since we did not see it in a menu.



”Is there something you would like to see in Vienna?” ”Yes, I read this article about some cool graffitis here.” ”Oh, ok, well maybe my son knows something about it.” What, was it not the most popular question? Haha, so well, the son guided me to take a metro to Spittelau and so did I!


Like I mentioned earlier, the highlight of this trip was to see Bruno Mars. And the show left me speechless, it was amazing! A perfect mix of old and new and The Hooligans along with Bruno were on fire through the show. No kidding, I think it was like +40 degrees in Vienna Statshalle. I was sweating like a little pig when dancing and screaming along with music. Totally comparable to an hour dance lesson, heh. I even forgot that I was a bit scared during the show. Why I was a bit scared was because well, some bad things have happened in Europe lately, so to be in such a people mass was not maybe the safest place to be. But luckily everything went fine and it was such a great experience. We paid around 75€ each and I could no doubt pay twice that much.

The great little getaway got even better when we hit the shopping street. I was not planning to shop that much but I found actually quite a lot of stuff and even better was that allmost everything I bought was on sale! The most expensive thing I bought was pointe shoes, ballet shoes. First ones for me. Yet I have not tried them at dance lessons, but I have danced secretly at home and believe it or not, at the moment I am not falling everytime. Slowly but surely, you know! Soon I need to buy new ones since I have already trained so hard. 😀


Naturhistorisches Museum; We were so interested in all things and stories here that we finally got kicked out when the museum closed its doors, and still, we missed at least felines!


There is a funny story behind this picture. This was our last night in Vienna and we decided to stroll by the Donau canal. We thought for a long time that we were by the canal, but figured when it was too late that the real canal was not here, haha. In the metro map this minor part of the canal and the real canal looked similar, but when we checked the real map back in the apartment, we saw our mistake. So I missed the Donau canal view because I had a really early flight the day after. My sister had better luck since her flight was not as early as mine.

So shortly; Vienna for me was awesome Music (with a capital M), great shopping and a sunny fairytale with a dash of unfriendly people. 😛




  1. Lovely photos, Suvi. Some nice tales and memories even if you were unlucky to meet some rude and unfriendly waiters. You must visit Salzburg sometime (Mozart’s birthplace). We are travelling to Austria shortly for a summer break. We won’t be visiting Salzburg on this trip but will spend a day looking around Innsbruck, another nice city.
    Nice to hear about your travels and experiences. Give my regards to your mother (my sister!).


    1. Thank you! All pictures are captured with my phone. It would be nice to buy some real camera some day. 🙂 Susan just wrote to me that Salzburg is worth to visit, I need to give a try for it next time when I go to Austria! I hope you get a nice and relaxing holiday. I am looking forward to the picture posts. Safe travels!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoy your story telling very much! And you have taken some very pretty photos! Thank you, darling Suvi-Sisko. Keep doing these, your travelings bring back my own trips years ago. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Tuula! ❤ I got so happy when I hear that people like my stories. It is a pleasure to write them. I hope that everything is fine with you! ❤


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