Thailand (Part II. Koh Mook, Koh Lipe)

Here comes some rows of my two absolutely favourite islands and our two last stops in Thailand! ❤

So let’s begin!

Photo 13-03-2017, 6.08.37

Sailing towards Koh Mook

Koh Mook

This island was one of my favourite spots during the whole three-months-trip and we ended up to Koh Mook accidently. The thing was that we planned to move forward from Koh Lanta ”tomorrow”, well nobody checked timetables for boats. So, we ate breakfast with no hurry, check out was at 11 so around that we managed to get to the reception;

”Where are you heading to?”

”Koh Ngai, how can we get to the closest boat?”

”Well, you should stay one more night since all boats have left already..”

Photo 15-03-2017, 10.21.01

Llama keeping an eye on the island. 😀

Excuse-moi? It was not even noon. Disappointment, backpacks packed, we were standing there, seriously, no boats? Only boats for the day were private boats. A receptionist tried to make us stay, but we had already decided that we will be moving forward and so did we. We just ended up at Koh Mook, since there was an easier drop-off point.

The island was so cozy!  We were staying on the west coast by the beach where were some accommodation options as well as couple of restaurants. We also visited couple of times on the other side of the island in the little village and I got crazy in one so adorable coconut-jewellery shop. Around the whole island people were so friendly. There cannot be living much more than maybe few hundred people.

Photo 13-03-2017, 12.55.36

‘Our beach’ at Koh Mook 🙂

One day we went to do some snorkeling. It was so amazing! We had a local guy with us with his long tail boat and we stopped at, I think, five different spots for snorkeling. Beautiful colorful small fishes, starfishes, one big and really ugly fish, corals.. But one thing was beyond cool; Emerald Cave. And of course no one of us had a camera (worth to check pictures in google). Anyway, a simple googling could have saved us from a minor chock. I wrote earlier that I am pretty scared of fishes and everything under the surface, and I had slowly started to enjoy the sea-life. Well, we got to swim through a pitch-black cave without a clue that we were going to do it. I can tell that a heart attack was not far away. Thank god the local guy guided us through the cave with his little flashlight. On the other side was something so beautiful. It was like a hidden paradise from a dream. We stayed quite a long while there enjoying the paradise. I also noticed that big tourist groups had insanely effective flashlights. I think our guide was the best but I was a bit jealous for the flashlights.. Or actually I do not know if I am willing to know what was hidden in the tunnel, heh. The whole snorkeling trip took maybe five-six hours and we drove around the whole island, anyway the price per person was 300bath which is less that 10€. Money well spend I would say!

Photo 13-03-2017, 12.55.20

Life at Koh Mook is so chill, there is like no hurry to do anything. Time just flew by with some beers, sun and bathing. A clock, what is that?


Koh Lipe

This spot we had planned to visit from the beginnig. And I am happy that we did. This little island is just so charmy! Koh Lipe is more lively than Koh Mook, but both islands have their own good things. Both islands are chill, but in different ways. There were more people at Koh Lipe, but still it was so laid-back!

Photo 17-03-2017, 7.38.59

This time we were wiser and woke up a bit earlier and managed to catch a regular speed boat. It was a bit funny, we met some Swedes on the boat, they had been in Thailand two weeks and were tanned af! I checked my own skin and it looked like I had been in Asia two days, hah.

Photo 18-03-2017, 6.05.41

My XL-size bikinis and ‘tanned’ skin! 😀 What size difference, never heard. What nordic skin?

Photo 16-03-2017, 14.03.34

We found a cat bar! Just guess if I was able to keep my hands away from these cuties.

Koh Lipe, like many other spots in Thailand, is comparable to heaven when it comes to snorkeling or diving. So we found us on a boat again. We paid 650bath each which is maybe around 13€ for a whole day snorkeling trip. Again, not bad. We got to explore life under the surface at four different spots and again, just amazing! I was a bit sad since we stopped by one really beautiful coral spot, but my skin was on fire. The boat guy said that it is because there are really small jellyfishes, which are not dangerous, but still it was so annoying and painful. I think I spent ten minutes in water in this spot. Unfortunately, we did not have a camera which tolerates water.

Photo 17-03-2017, 12.13.20

Sunset beach


Photo 18-03-2017, 11.21.54It takes like max. 15 minutes to walk everywhere in Koh Lipe, so this time scooter was not needed. We were also staying in the middle of everything. On the day we came, we just strolled around the main part of the island and found a really good deal for two rooms at one like apartment hostel. In my opinion, Koh Lipe is a quite nice mixture, there are quite many different possibilities even if the island is quite tiny. On the main beach the sand is so cool, it is seriously almost like a powder. Not only the color of it, but the texture as well!

After these two fabulous islands we took course to one of Malaysia’s islands, Langkawi. So soon I will write some thoughts about it!



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