This is the first post about our adventure around Asia. When I write we, I mean our small travel pack consisting of me, my boyfriend and a dear friend couple. No more no less, let’s start! “Everything has gone a bit too smoothly.” I said in Moscow. Well, should not have said that; after that […]

Whoops, the summer 2016, where are you? Oh well, it is past already. This summer went so fast! The biggest reason was maybe that I have been working, well let’s say a lot. First time in my life I have been working nights actually, not only, but mostly. That’s not bad, actually I liked it. […]

First things first; I need to give one point to Poland. I moved to Sweden about two weeks ago and everything has gone just fine! But I got pretty (or actually extremely) amazed when I went to a bank to open a bank account. Yes, it went also ok, but I was not able to […]

Hello May! It is time to turn a new page in my life and start packing. I resigned almost directly after my trip to Nordics. It was really scary, but I did it and actually right after that I almost fell into tears. I was so happy. What is my plan then? Well, thumbs up […]

Around nine in the morning I went to pick up a paper from a printer and aauuttcchh! What the heck was that? Can it really hurt in my arms when I pick up a piece of paper? Like some of you know I am not a morning person so it took me like half an […]

Ok, you really mega superduper positively surprised me! And again I got one proof for ‘do not judge before you try’. I got lots of good feedback about writing in English so I decided to keep going. It’s been a while since the last post. I have actually had really some things to do, heh. […]

The day has come! I made a promise to write in English every now and then, so haters can hate. Hopefully there are more lovers. 🙂 Today is the day that exactly six months ago I jumped in an airplane heading towards new experiences to Poland. In these six months fit many unforgettable moments. However, […]